Valleys Punakha

Punakha was previously the capital of Bhutan until 1955 when it was moved to Thimphu. It is one of the warmest valleys due to its lower elevation of 1,300m above sea level.

Bhutan’s two main rivers, Pho (father) Chhu and Mo (mother) Chhu rivers, can be found in Punakha.

The most beautiful Dzong in Bhutan is the Punakha Dzong and it is where the King got married in October 2011.

What to see

Punakha Dzong

Strategically located where the Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers meet, Punakha Dzong, built in the 17th century, is one of the most beautiful fortresses in the country, where the King was married in October 2011.

Punakha festivals

Two major festivals take place every year - the Punakha Drubchen, for its dramatic re-enactment of a 17th century battle with the Tibetan army, and the Punakha Tsechu.

Chimi Lakhang

A fertility temple, also know as Temple of the Divine Madman, where many newly married couples go to.

Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Nunnery

Built by the Queen Mothers’ parents.

Where to stay